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My clients are simply too kind…

Really.  Since we launched this site this year, I’ve been deeply humbled by the number of my clients (friends) that have generously responded with heartfelt testimonials for us to post here (excerpts of which can been seen on the right). […]

Fannie Mae wants to give you up to 3.5% for closing costs.

Fannie Mae just announced a program offering up to 3.5% in closing cost assistance to non-investor buyers purchasing from their HomePath (foreclosure) portfolio during the 20-day “First Look” period (before investor buyers are allowed to make offers).  Missouri is one […]

Best ways to screw up when shopping for a mortgage…

I’ve been very lucky to have a large number of really loyal clients that have also referred their friends and family to me over the course of many years. Do some of them still shop around after I’ve given them […]

Shacking up?

Although it may read a little like being lectured by your dad, there’s really some good advice in this New York Times article for unwed couples considering buying a home together.  My big takeaway: The best time to fix the roof […]

Our new website: Why now?

I’ve been talking to people lately about our new site and I’ve noticed a common question: After 14 years of doing business in St. Louis, with a strong client and referral base, why “all of a sudden” are you messing […]