Our new website: Why now?

I’ve been talking to people lately about our new site and I’ve noticed a common question: After 14 years of doing business in St. Louis, with a strong client and referral base, why “all of a sudden” are you messing with a website? Even though having a website seems like something every business is simply supposed to do in this day and age, it’s a valid question stemming from the fact that most of our clients know us as individuals and rarely, if ever, think about PRM as a company.

Several months ago, I saw one of my loyal clients at a local coffee shop (one we all know and love) and she thanked me for helping her nephew.

I had never met or spoken with her nephew. Upon telling her so, she looked puzzled and asked if I was sure, because he was closing on his new house the following week.

A month later, I got an email from the client explaining that she gave the nephew my name over lunch, which he later Googled from memory and wound up looking at another person in town with a vaguely similar name that he assumed was me. This person graciously accepted the referral and took his application.

In the end it was a twist on a common story: this person quoted loan terms the nephew would never have qualified for, a contract was written on a home based on those terms,  then when cursory underwriting revealed the loan officer’s error(s), he was forced to back out of the contract for affordability reasons and almost lost a hefty sum of earnest money.

So we’re launching this website for a few key reasons:

To make it easier for our clients to refer their friends and family.

To make it easier for new clients to learn how we’re different from banks and other brokers.

To freely share our knowledge and expose to others the lesser-known aspects of our industry that will impact them as borrowers.


Not to mention becoming just a wee bit more Google-able.

Written by Trina Hart Nichols

A 13-year veteran of the mortgage and banking industries, her attention to detail and understanding of the internal underwriting processes of our many lenders make her an expert in delivering quick, "no-surprises" experiences for her clients, from the initial interview all the way through to closing. NMLS ID #553927.

Website: http://www.prmstl.com