Hello! My name is Trina Hart Nichols.

I’m a proud wife, mother, and 16-year veteran mortgage broker.

I am also a homeowner.

We love living in St. Louis’ historic and beautiful Central West End, where my husband and I have been lovingly restoring our 1914 Tudor home since 2013. It is old in some parts, newer in others, and a lot of it is somewhere in between.

Our home is also our most irreplaceable asset.

To be clear and frank, while we do carry a mortgage this home does NOT belong to “the bank”. It is ours. We have raised children here, hosted Thanksgiving feasts, celebrated graduations and birthdays and sometimes for no reason at all. Our home is much more to us than just brick and mortar and wood.

Our homes are where our dreams and memories live.

And the right mortgage isn’t just the cheapest payment. It’s an investment vehicle that accounts for your family’s needs now and in the future. It can help provide for his college, her wedding, your retirement. It’s a secure place to grow equity into a legacy that remains long after we’re gone.

I take your mortgage seriously. Because I take my mortgage seriously.

I listen. I ask questions. I solve problems for which banks and other brokers may not have the experience, time, or attention to solve. I have access to hundreds of programs and lenders, and I know how to find the right fit whether your employment, income, property, or credit situation is simple or complex.

I’m lucky & grateful to have 100% of my new clients come from my previous clients.

This allows me to run my business with focus and intent on doing right by my clients; without expenses like a big advertising budget and large payroll. Short version: I keep margins low and am more than simply “competitive”, economically speaking.

I set out every day to be the mortgage professional I would insist upon if I were in your shoes.